11 May 2009

Engine problems

So as I drove to the library today after work I noticed the car did not have much throttle when I stepped on the gas. Though the pedal was down and I was in second gear, expecting the revs to quickly pick up and allowing me to slip into third gear easily, I found myself watching the speedometer struggle to get from 15mph to 20mph. The rev needle waved up and down and the car just did not pick up pace as it should. Fortunately I was driving through rush hour traffic which meant I did not upset the traffic flow as it was mostly start and stop anyway.

The car was parked for two hours whilst I was studying. Before I drove home I checked my oil content, it was fine. Coolant was at the max. Windscreen wash reservior still full. Had no idea what could be causing the lag, but had to drive home. Once I got to a set of traffic lights before the motorway, the dreaded light came on...the engine light!! (bottom-left of picture below).

The lagging, I felt, got worse and I struggled to bring my speed up to 40 mph in pace with the car behind me. Fortunately he was a patient driver and did not get irritated. This wasn't good. I stayed in second gear until I could feel the car would be ok for third gear and then remained in fourth gear for the two-minute 50mph journey on the M8.

Once I parked at home, I looked at the manual in hope of answering some of the many questions as to what could be causing the engine malfunction. It definitely was not engine overheating. That I've experienced with my first car, Fiat Brava, which consequently blew cylinder head gaskets and subsequently blew a big hole in my bank account too. My coolant and my engine oil levels were in check in this Ford Focus. So what else could it be? Thinking back to my days at Ford Customer Relations, any customers who had engine light problems were always advised to bring their car into the nearest garage to get it checked out. I know I will have to do that tomorrow. I know they will plug the car into a computer which will diagnose the error codes the engine computer is giving off and it will tell the garage what the problem is. Only question remains will then be...how much will this cost?! =S

Pic taken AFTER I parked safely near my house

What the manual says about this light...


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