13 May 2009

Voda surprise!

Dropped car off at Arnold Clark yesterday morning at 08:05am when the service department was opened. Got a call from them at 1:35pm advising the need to replace coil pack, leads and spark plugs. That the source of the problems I've been having apparently. Ok, no argument with that. These things do wear out through time. In fact, having its first repair since I took ownership of the vehicle in June 2004 is pretty good. Since I've driven this vehicle, I've only done just over 21,000 miles, and average of 4,300 miles a year. The total stands at 24,897 (as seen in previous post).

I just called them at 1:15pm. The work has been carried out and they are awaiting the paperwork to come through before they confirm the cost and will call me.

On a positive note, I received a call from 08080000133 yesterday. Looked like a dodgy marketing call and since I was at work I was a bit hesistant to pick it up. However, I was glad I did. It was apparently Vodafone calling me as one of their loyal customers. The guy wanted to see if there were anything they could do to improve their service for me or give me better deals. I had to cut the conversation short as I was at work, but I asked if he could call back after 5pm. He said ok. I then Googled the number and it appeared on many forums infamous for silent calls and the Vodafone retention team. Apparently people get a call from this number after they ask Voda for their PAC code or threaten to leave and give them the 30 days notice, so this team will call you in hope of keeping your customer. I hadn't contacted Vodafone about my account so was a bit surprised I got a call from them. I didn't think anything else of it until 5:45pm when the same number appeared on my phone. I was in two minds about picking up, cos I didn't think they could "do anything more" for me. But I thought I'd give it a chance and picked up.

The guy was different from the one earlier. This one called himself Matthew, and had on him the cheery, polite and friendly tone that would tick all boxes in his performance review. After the greetings and introductions he told me the reason he called was because I am one of the long standing customers (since Sept 2006) who has spent a lot of money at Vodafone and he called to review my account and see if there were anything else they could do for me. I told him I was quite happy with Vodafone so far and that one of the best things that happened in November was when I called Vodafone to ask if I could drop my 'Stop the Clock' feature and get free Mobile Internet on my tariff instead. I was told that was not possible for free, but they could put it on for me if I would like to extend my contract another six months. I declined that offer and thought I'd just forget about going on Facebook and Gmail via my phone. Then a few days later I received an email telling me they reviewed my account and made some changes to it. In place of my then current tariff - Anytime 500 with 'Stop the Clock' and 1000 texts, they were gonna give me Anytime 600, Unlimited text messages and 500MB Mobile Internet at the current tariff plan!! That was fab!! I couldn't believe it when I received the email. In fact, thought it was a prank! Haha! After receiving further confirmation I accepted the offer with open arms. However, since being with Elaam, I have occasionally longed for the Stop the Clock feature to extend my call allowance which come in real handy especially on the days when she stays in Rosyth. I hadn't thought I'd ever get it again, not for free anyway.

So back to the call with Matthew. I told him about the brilliant experience I had with Voda - the above story, but in two - three sentences only of course! and told him how good the service was. It is nice to sweeten him up and big up Vodafone I felt. He said that the reason the phone call said No, but the email said Yes was because the two departments operate differently and that the online department can sometimes offer better deals. Then he asked if there was anything else they could do for me. I said they were already very good, but I don't suppose I could get 'Stop the Clock' back on again? He started typing on his keyboard and said, (and I quote):

"Hm.. normally we would not be able to do that... but! No - However - However is a more positive word eh? However, because of your loyalty to Vodafone, I can put 'Stop the Clock' back on for you." *a very brief pause when he hit his Return key on keyboard* "There! Done!"

"Just like that?"

"Just like that! It is activated after midnight tonight."

"Oh, thanks!"

"That's a really good package you have there Kwok. You now have 600 Anytime minutes, Unlimited texts, Unlimited mobile data and Stop the Clock for £35. It's going to be hard to get that anywhere else."

"Yes, that's right. That's really good, thanks."

And without quoting anything else, he just basically said I was on a good package and might want to consider staying with Voda when my current contract ends in September. Hahaha! We'll see about that eh! I'll most likely stay really and might get a new handset. OR I could opt for half-price line rental for 18 months, which will save me £315!! =D

Yep, so I just wanted to say that Vodafone is good. The only gripe I had with it was when there was no signal in the Cairngorms Christian Centre back in Easter. I guess that's the 0.01% black area within the 99.9% coverage. Hahaha!

p.s. Vodafone stands for VOice DAta FONE ;-)


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