15 May 2009

Special offers for you!

Some of you might have noticed that I started a new 'Label' for my previous posts of 'Voda surprise' and 'Engine problems'. I usually use labels like 'Love', 'Health', 'Stuff to share' etc etc. The recent addition of 'Money' was related to money issues. Obviously fixing a car costs money and Vodafone was trying to save me money (so they say). So I've been thinking of sharing some of the ways I save money as well.

Most of my readers are Chinese, right? [If not, please leave me a comment, so I get a better idea of who is reading!]. And the Chinese are known for saving money, being thrifty, being shrewd etc. We work hard, we save hard. At least some of us do anyway. So we always like bargains. Ok, I speak from my own experiences and from what I hear from around me. Whenever there are bargains to be had, we all share it with one another.

"Oh! Did you know Morrison's are doing Buy One 2ltr bottle of Pepsi or 7Up and get Two Bottles FREE?"

"Oh! Did know Pringles are half price at X now?"

"You're going to Subway? I have these vouchers, wanna have a look first?"

or "Costco are doing a great deal on 24 pack toilet rolls, let's stock up!!"

These are the common stuff we hear around us every so often. We all like to save and we like to share the good news too. Well I've made good savings in my time. Yes, I like to bargain hunt too. I don't believe it is a 'woman's thing' to shop around looking for the best price to buy an item. I mean, why buy an item for £X when you can get it £1 cheaper or more elsewhere? Why shop in ASDA for grapes when you get the same sweet grapes in Lidl for much cheaper? As I grow older I find the need to spend less, to save more in order to buy my house, in order to save in the bank, in order to have money for emergencies etc. I rely on myself you see. Many people I know rely on their parents for handouts. They want stuff, they ask their parents for it and they get it. Not everyone is like that of course, but let's just say most parents provide for their children, even if they are older. I am 26 years old, I am the man of the house. Since my dad passed away 11 years ago, I started turning independent and mature in a faster rate than my peers. Not by choice some might say, but hey, 'C'est la vie'. One of things I have developed in my 'growing up' is financial independence. I don't turn to mum for money. I feel I should be the one providing for my mum, not the other way around. Whenever I want something, I would save up for it myself, or if I really can't wait, I will put it on credit card and pay it off myself, interest and all. I don't see the need to draw from my mum. So of course, I have to save where I can right?

So... I want to start sharing of ways I save when out shopping and eating. I want to share news of bargains on this site as well, so my readers are somewhat 'rewarded' for reading my posts, which I know can sometimes be loooong! Haha! I have heard they are entertaining, so this will just make it more interesting. So far, off the top of my head I have the following items to blog about... Ketchup, Orange Wednesday loophole, Unlimited card McDonald's and IKEA*. I will blog about these special saving tips once a week... probably a Friday which means you'll have the weekend to try out the tip or check out the store or whatever. For time-limited offers I will post up exclusives which you will have to pay attention to to catch them on time. Which means you might have to log on to this page through the week just in case something new comes up :)

Let me start with Ketchup. Ketchup is an American burger joint which originated from Los Angeles and which made its way over to Glasgow in 2008. It is situated at Ashton Lane in the West End. The menu is famous for the different variations of beef burgers, chicken burgers and for the more adventurous - venison burgers and kangaroo burgers etc. Their milkshakes in an old-style milk bottle are lovely too! Don't take my word for it, try it yourself! We'll besides, the advertising here, what special offer is there? Well, click on the link below...


And you can download yourself a "2 for 1 burgers" voucher to use Monday to Friday between 3pm-6pm! There are other 2 for 1 offers for Ketchup, ones like, "password of the week" sort of thing where you can say the password to your waiter/ waitress who takes your order and you get 2 burgers for the price of 1. You can find out out from the Social Animal website:


But if you don't plan to go to Ketchup, but bump in to a friend in the West End, between the hours of 3pm-6pm it would be great to have a copy of the voucher in your bag, so you can whip it out and head into Ketchup in Ashton Lane for some burger fun! Those who have exams right now, this would be a great way to unwind post-exams. Students love to save too! Don't be shy, just print the voucher out, fill in your details pop along to famous cobbled streets of Ashton Lane.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next tip next week :)

*(Disclaimer: there are many money saving websites out there, the main one being Moneysavingexpert. But I only blog about the ones which I have experience with, the tried and tested examples :) )


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  1. saving money is a good thing. my top two tips for saving money are:
    1. buy food in bulk. it may seem to cost more at that time but end up having to go less often to the supermarket and hence u spend less! e.g. there are always buy 2 for x pounds but if u bought the 2 separately it would cost more
    2. never spend on something that isn't worth the value. for example ive been looking at sunglasses. and these really nice raybans cost over £70. however, a pair of sunglasses isn't worth £70. i found a cheaper alternative at £15! and it looks just as great. same thing for clothes in general... they are just overpriced.