22 May 2009

Money-saving shoppers

So another Friday has come upon us and it's time to look at money-saving ideas.

This week tip is one shared by James (thanks!) who recommended a website I could go on that compares prices of groceries between Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury and Ocado. I had never heard of Ocado before, but after some quick research found them to be an online groceries retailer who represents Waitrose (whom I have heard of! Hehe!).

Basically this website is a price comparison site similar to confused.com or moneysupermarket.com where you would search for the cheapest/ best companies for your car, home or travel insurance etc etc. Well this site lets you find (and purchase) products that you'd normally go for in your favourite supermarket, lets you add these things to your shopping basket and then compares the price of your shopping with the other three supermarket. You can compare the price of individual items E.g. An own-branded Fresh Whole Chicken Small (roughly 1.3kg) would cost £3.89 in Tesco, £2.99 in ASDA and £3.74 in Sainsbury's. A 12-pack of Red Bull will cost £9.44 in Tesco and ASDA, but cost £9.48 in Sainsbury's. Only four pence difference for Red Bull you might say, but that's only one product. Just think how much money you can save per month or per year overall if you bought them from the cheaper of them? And the chicken? Big difference between £2.99 and £3.89!

Of course, one can go to Morrison's or Somerfield and check out their prices there. You might get better prices there or find different deals like B.O.G.O.F. or 3 for 2 or whatever. Some people like to shop whilst they are actually in the store. They let the offers and the flashing tags inspire them on their purchases. Yes, this might save money on certain things, but it can be dangerous too. As sometimes you might end up buying stuff that you didn't originally plan, stuff you don't really need and end up paying a higher bill than you had expected. Yes, entering the supermarket with thoughts of getting a loaf of bread, some milk and cereal - leave the supermarket with £40 worth of shopping and then asking yourself "What did I buy?!" Lol! That has happened to me before - figuratively speaking of course!

So tonight I will be going to Tesco to buy some stuff for tomorrow and the weekend. I will be going to Edinburgh with Elaam. We'll be going some place in Edinburgh. Somewhere I have not yet disclosed to her, so can't say much. However, I want to go to Tesco for fuel and for snacks and lunch. Will need different drinks, sandwiches and stuff to put in my backpack to carry around with us. Would be nicer to bring our own lunch than to buy from there. So I'm off to compare prices right now =P

Oh yeah... the website that you can have a look around in is...


Select your 'favourite' supermarket and Click on Start.

The Quick Shop link on the top bar will allow you to create a shopping list of the things you want e.g. coca cola, bread, margarine, dairy milk etc etc. Clicking on Find under the list you will be able to shop for each item and compare prices until all your desired items are in your basket.
You will then be able to compare the total price of your basket in your favourite supermarket with the other three retailers.

What's good about this is you don't have to be a registered user to use this site. It's all free! =D

So... compare (prices) and then go (shopping)!


n.b. Thanks to Oz for his tips in my previous money-saving post. For some reason I am unable to write in my own comments box.


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