29 April 2009

26 Today

I am 26 years old today. Not old, but not young either. Young, as I would class it, would be 21 and below. Young, would be compulsary paying higher insurance premiums because of being in the "young and dangerous" age bracket. Haha! This year I should expect to see my insurance premium drop even more as I notch up another year of no-claims and have finally stepped out of the '25 and below' bracket =)

I'm at work right now. It's almost lunch time. Why am I at work on my birthday? Well... the story goes something like this. I had originally booked today (29th) off work. And 1st May (Friday). Later it turns out I will be off Monday 4th May. So... instead of being off work today, back in tomorrow and off again on Friday and Monday, I thought I would be better working today and taking tomorrow off instead. Which means after I finish work today, I will be off work Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday AND Monday! FIVE DAYS of pleasure!! =D
Work has been quiet today, as it has been in the past week. The latest pay day for our client on the 16th of this month did not generate as many queries as previous months, and it's the new tax year as well, which is surprising, as usually people always query why their tax code has changed, or worse still, why it has not increased along with everyone elses. Anyway, none of that this year... so far! :)

Just moment ago, my manager Bob handed me a red envelope. It was a birthday card from the team. My wee team of six people including me. They put together some money and got me an Amazon.co.uk voucher. Cool! So nice of them. Usually when we chip in money for people's birthdays they would end up getting alcohol, but since I don't drink, or snack or anything of that sort, I guess they resorted to a voucher. Not any voucher, but Amazon! :D I will log online to check what's out there later today ;-)

So today, I will be going to the gym after work. People will have cell group or will watch Champions League football, so I have decided not to have a gathering tonight. Will go out tomorrow night instead. :)

Details to follow :D


**[Update @ 13:30]**

My lunch today: I don't usually buy lunch but bring my own stuff in. Hehe!

**[Update @ 14:50]**

Wee surprise: My 'handsome workmate' Ryan discovered it was my birthday when someone spoke to me about it. He then went to the vending machine and bought me a Snickers bar! Nice wee surprise. Cheers man!! :D