30 July 2009


So happy right now. It's 11pm and I'm sitting in the living room with mum watching "The Master of Tai Chi" (aka 太極) tvb drama. It was a drama from last year, broadcasted in Hong Kong when we were there but we didn't get to watch it cos we were out every day. Haha! Anyway, I downloaded this a while back but didn't start watching it until a few weeks ago. Usually mum does not like watching martial arts and period dramas, but mum has taken into this drama so far mainly due to it's family story lines and that it's not over-filled with kung fu or tai chi. Yes, it is quite good so far, starting Vincent Zhao and Raymond Lam etc.

Anyway I am happy not because of this drama, but because of a good workout tonight. Before I went to the gym I was a little down. Thinking about my career path, thinking about money, thinking about other stuff that's been bothering me. But setting foot in the gym, stepping on the treadmill and running, I felt a sense of release from the things bothering me. I look at the mirror I see is a body sculpted from two years of hard work. Of studying the right things to eat, what to avoid, studying of how to exercise, how to keep in shape. I see the product of investment of time and money and discipline. It's true - the type of bodies you see on magazine covers takes so much time and dedication. It's hard work, but when you see the results, everything seems to pay off. Every minute spent in the gym was worthwhile. The fat is stripping off and the muscles are more defined and more evident! :) The body I see now is not magazine cover look, but it is much more pleasing to myself than a few years back. If I did not find it inappropriate to go topless online I'd def put up before and current pics. But that's not gonna happen, so you'll just have to take my word for it. =P

Last week work was quiet so I went onto health forums looking for information on six-packs. Came across more information on nutrition and read what mistakes people who want to get lean make. Exercise is important, but what about the diet? Not about being "on a diet" but just eating habits. Having read more about white carbohydrates like white bread, white rice. About trans fats in fried foods, especially chips and fries. Stuff that will offset any hard work you put in at the gym.

So I started my new workout routine today with new changes to my eating habits and workout. Instead of running for long periods of up to 50 minutes on the treadmill, hoping to burn as many calories as I could (I think the most calories was 717kcal in one run), I am reverting back to High Intensity Interval Training as the highly variable intensity training actually works muscles in a more resistive fashion, stimulating a higher residual metabolic effect, hence burning more calories in the post-workout period compared with steady pace cardio. I've started two new exercises targetting the abs: renegade rows and hanging leg raises (the latter being one I used to avoid for the discomfort it brings in execution). Beware though that ab exercises alone do not burn as much fat as you'd think. Whole body exercises are much more effective, like squats and deadlifts where your whole body will work together in execution. Squats and deadlifts works the core muscles too (abs!) and burn fat all round!

As for eating, I will continue to avoid crisps (since March 2008!), sweets and chocolate. The new things I will avoid now are chips/ fries (too much trans fats - bad for heart!), sugar in tea and even margarine in sandwiches, unless it is olive oil margarine. Artificial sweeteners are just chemicals which is not good for the body so will not be used to take the place of sugar. But instead, tonight for example, I put a teaspoon of natural honey into my tea for that bit of sweetness. Would rather something good for you than sugar which has not nutritional value. Fizzy drink will be dropped in place for fruit juice or water. :)

All this might sound restrictive to the common person. "Why put yourself in such situation?", "Why can't you eat what you want?". Well, in actual fact, I'm at the stage now that I don't feel it is restricting. I feel liberated. I feel what I choose to eat will be good for my body rather than eat chips etc with everyone else and then worry about its effects. I know, having carrot sticks as part of my Boots Meal Deal will be better for me than a packet of Walkers Sensations. I know drinking water will keep me hydrated longer than Irn Bru (sugar actually makes you thirst for more!). So yeah, I have never felt better physically and I encourage everyone to start making lifestyle changes in order to bring out their potential. Even if you don't do regular exercise, changing to a more healthier eating habit will improve your mood (hormones) and will improve your skin. These are only two exterior examples, not to forget help you go down in size for those who feel the need to. But it will do wonders for your heart and your respiratory system.

God gave us food, just like He gave us everything else in this world. He gave us authority over everything. We can eat whatever we want. Whatever animal or plant in this world. Choose the best and healthiest, my friends! =D


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  1. I am eating a really fatty pork belly whilst reading this! :D lol oh yes i love me too xxx