03 July 2009

Bored with myself!

I'm finding life quite mundane right now.

Right now, at 12:35pm, Friday 3rd July, I am sitting in an extremely chilled office I wanna blog about my boring self. Not much has changed since my last post from a week ago. Life is still pretty much: Work - drive - sleep, work - drive - sleep.

Last Saturday I watched "Year One" which I quite enjoyed. It was quite funny with jokes quite often. Then I watched "Blood: the Last Vampire" on Sunday after church. Dire, I tell you! I had expected maybe an Oriental version of Wesley Snipe's "Blade" movies. But no, I'm afraid this movie was a strange mix of "Kill Bill" (sword-welding with Japanese theme) and "Sin City" (strange colours) and "Buffy" (vampire-slaying). I came out quite disappointed and had it not been for the twenty minutes towards the end where all the action comes out, I would not even mention it.

Monday I went to work, then had AA practice.

Tuesday was the start of the extraordinary heatwave, when Glasgow was up at 23C at one point. I wasn't in a good mood on Tuesday. PLUS the fact that once I got into the stuffy humid changing room in the gym I discovered I left my contacts in the car. I contemplated whether to walk all the way back down from the third floor with my bag and then come up again (and risk sweating more!) or just leave the bag there and walk down and back up slowly. I decided to bring my bag down with me - you never know who might dip their hand inside whilst it's unattended, and I didn't want to waste 10p for a locker just to open again in 5mins. So I went down to the car and thought 'what the heck' just go! I went to the cinema instead! Yes, I did something spontaneous and my was it a good decision. I had initially thought of watching "Public Enemies" as I saw the time in the listings, but when I got there I saw it was out the next day!! So the next film I wanted to see was "The Hangover" and I was skeptical of the film being "best comedy of the year". I was impressed! I was cheered up by the end of the movie and I now am considering getting the movie when it comes out for sale. Yes, it was good!! People who have seen most likely feel the same =)

Wednesday I went to work, then had AA practice. What was different about this day was, in the morning my workmate Ian sorted me out with two free tickets to watch the new rom-com with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, called "The Proposal". I've seen the trailer a few times and it looks good. The tickets are for advanced showing of the movie and will be Tuesday 6:30pm at Odeon at The Quay in Glasgow. Tuesdays are either training days or gym days. Now, my buddy Ann has her final examination on Thursday 9th July and we have yet to finish practicing over all the different Pre-set Tests (PST). There are ten in total and we are both working through each of them every time we meet. She's doing PST1 through to PST10 and I've been doing PST10 working up to PST1. With the timing of our meetings, we will both reach our tenth PST on Wednesday 8th July, which meant we will have to meet as regularly as possible until that day. Ann had said she considered putting back her test to a later date as she feels she is not ready to sit it, but will wait till Thursday (yesterday) to decide as she will meet our trainer Ronnie who will have a better analysis of her performance.

Thursday (yesterday) I met her with the secret hope that she would tell me she will rebook her test for a later test. Nope. She said Ronnie told her to sit the test anyway and she'll be fine. It's not that I'm nasty, that I wanted her not to sit her test, but I was disappointed that it would mean I will miss "The Proposal" AND I will meet Ann after church on Sunday for the first time, as I don't do Sundays. But cos her test is on Thursday, the only way we will cover all the PST's would be to meet every day until then.

Today I will meet Ronnie and hope he will see improvement with my teaching and my techniques. He has so far said he admired our dedication in meeting up. I moan to my mum about life being so mundane and boring and the amount of time spent in practice. All the stuff that is not found in the small print when they advertise for driving instructors, telling you you can be your own boss etc. Mum encourages me that all my hard work will pay off in the end, when I sit my final test, at the end of July. I really hope I make it first time. I'm getting tired mentally from all this practice. It will be less intense when I am actually teaching but whilst preparing for this final exam it can take a lot out of you, especially when I take whatever I do seriously.

I wake up 7am for work and first thing I do is check my Facebook for contact(s) from Elaam. That's how I start my day. Facebook'ing Elaam is as exciting as life gets these days. It's good to hear from her, that she has been enjoying her work and having fun etc. Though there is a time difference of 7hrs between us, we make efforts to remain in contact via Facebook, emails and even calls. I'm so glad I have such a cool girlfriend. I just hope that once she's back in just over two weeks time, that I will spend enough time with her. Miss her lots. In fact, once Ann's test date is over (7th July), our training will be less intense and if Elaam is in Glasgow I will definitely make time to see her.

I am not looking forward to instructor training tomorrow, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday AND Wednesday. But I'm definitely taking Thursday off as that's Ann's test and I'll chill out. Otherwise I might burn out!!



  1. Spontaneous is goooooood isn't it *wink wink*
    Your girlfriend is goooooood isn't she *wink wink*

  2. Haha Pop me a text we could do something sometime.

    Hang in there ;)
    Romans 5:3-5


  3. awwww mannn i feel bad getting your cinema tickets >.< you were sooooo looking forward to watching The Proposal!!

    just a few more steps to your dream:):)

    keep it up ah!!!

  4. @ E-coli: Aye, my girlfriend is gooood! :)

    @ #(_"_): Cheers bro! Will hope to hang out again!

    @ Anonymous: Not a problem at all, glad that tickets are not going to waste :)