07 August 2009


If there were any radiographers in this office, or anybody wearing x-ray specs, they'd see through the contraction of facial muscles and display of teeth on the exterior and see that I'm actually quite down inside.

Finding it strange. Nobody to talk to. Well there are, but I'm at work, so can't even have a proper conversation. Will be meeting my instructor Ronnie after work tonight. Hope I can focus and give my best with him. I'm just losing it. Too much on my mind.

Career-related mainly. Matters of the heart secondly. No, before you jump to conclusions, we are not having troubles there. It's just something else on my own part.

Sigh... Right now life feels mundane. I get up 7am for work each morning, regardless of what time I sleep the night before, or whether I've been to the gym or just chilled at the cinema after work. The weekend is here, but tomorrow I need to get up early again. I've not had a lie-in in ages man!! Meeting with Gordon Cheung at 09:30am at Beanscene Woodlands for an hour before our PEB (my very first!) meeting with other church members. That meeting is 10:30am and I have heard it can last up to three hours. So I estimate a finishing time of 1:30pm before I head to the gym. Saturdays are my gym days you see. Hoping to meet Alfred for some workout. I might not run so much tomorrow. Being doing High Intensity Interval Training on the treadmill in the past week, but tomorrow I'm gonna focus on weight training instead.

Och, I can't be bothered writing anymore really... just want a punch bag!!


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