01 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my readers. I hope everyone had a good time welcoming the new year, no matter if you spent it yourself, or with friends, with family or even slept through it - welcome to 2009! =D

As I prayed with a few brothers and sisters after the stroke the midnight, I gave thanks to God for bringing us through the past year. A year of ups and downs. We should be grateful for the good stuff He gave us, the happy times. And not to forget be grateful to God for helping us through the bad times too, the dire times of worry, of negativity or sense of doom. No matter what we have gone through, God had always been there and always will be there. He is the same yesterday, today and forevermore! =)

So on this cheerful note: let me jot down my hopes/ dreams/ aspirations for the year 2009. Last night when we went round the table sharing our hopes and dreams, my answers were:

'to progress with career whether it's in driving instruction or not. and to save up for buy a house.'

So allow me to elaborate on these points, but back in the main areas of my life which are important to me, as written down in the prelude post.

Career - I want to get this advanced test taken, over and done with soon so I can progress with my third module in driving instruction. Learning to teach people. It is my desire to be a driving instructor. Having been through the rollercoaster ride with my previous test attempts, I have learnt to submit everything to God. I trust that He has a plan for me, in driving instruction or in another area altogether.

Love - I would like to explore the possibilities of developing something nice with a special someone. We need to keep God involved in this, guiding us, speaking to us individually and whilst we pray together. Patience is the key to this. The matters of the heart is not something to play about with.

Property - I want to work hard and save hard towards a good deposit to go towards a property of my own. Though the house prices have dropped due to the credit crunch, it is also the credit crunch which has pushed up the banks' demand for a higher amount of deposit to be paid. Ideally I'd like to get something in 2010 and will start looking at the housing market as the year goes on. But if God provides something before then, I am willing to accept.

Health - I will continue with gym workouts, training and building muscle and power. I want to be content with what I have at the same time.

Family - The pressures of being the man of the house, and the son of the family does get to me sometimes. But I thank God for helping me through all these years. He will be the same this year too. I hope our family unit will continue to grow stronger together with Christ as the head of our household.

Films - Yes, this is one area I want to make a change in. After watching 'Zack & Miri Make a Porno' a few weeks ago I was appalled at the graphic nature of certain scenes. I felt very uncomfortable watching such scenes. As I grow closer to God, I shall be more aware of my movie choices and avoid situations where I may grieve the Holy Spirit in me. May my eyes be clean for God this year and beyond!

World events - This is less personal, but I hope there are no more wars, bombings, air strikes, floods, credit crunches. That we are all able to appreciate each other for what we're worth and see each and everyone as Jesus would see us. If we all value each other's lives we would not be hurting each other so much.

Ok, I'm gonna get ready to make lunch soon. Will be heading over to Kilmarnock with family to have dinner with James' family. Have not been there since Christmas a good few years ago, so this should be great fun as we've all grown up so much now. Victoria was only 8 the last time we were there, so she recalls. Hehe! Peace out!

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