05 January 2009

First weekend of 2009

First weekend of 2009 was also my last weekend of freedom, before going back to work today. I woke up on Saturday morning to discover a thick envelope lying by my front door. My long-awaited Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 finally arrived! Was quite excited! Had breakfast and played a few matches. The first one being Man Utd vs Scotland when I won 3-2 as Man Utd. Close game really as the gameplay is much harder compared to the first Pro Evolution Soccer which I had for the Playstation 2 all those years ago. The beautiful HD graphics alone were enough to distract me! Hehe! After gaming I dropped some stuff off at the our local Salvation Army store before heading to the gym. The gym was quite quiet. Spent over half an hour in the cardio suite, saw Carol Xie well. Then spent just over half an hour in the strength suite. Due to time constraints I could not work out properly, so just worked on chest, shoulders, biceps, did some deadlifts then left to shower and meet James.

We came back to my place to try out the new game and to show James the picture quality of Blu-ray on PS3. Even the trailers I downloaded for Casino Royale and Kung Fu Panda were breath-taking! We spent a few hours playing the game and were also joined by Alan Chan who came up after helping Cat with IKEA shopping. James and I left just after 1900hrs to go to Mings place for hotpot dinner.

Delayed start due to a "technical issue", but after a call made by Sin Hung we were on our way cooking. Well, "we" being used for Ting, Yvonne, Sim and Hung Hung who cooked all night. The rest of us just ate. =P Ming was busy as the host of the party and Ling was absolutely knackered she collapsed on a mattress in the middle of the living room. Lol!! We played two games of Mafia after we tidied up. They were very short games as the mafia, the police and the doctor already took up three positions amongst the 8 of us (Iain joined the party earlier on but Ling was still sleeping, so it was still just 8 people. =P)

Yesterday I played guitar with Dilane as Kerry lead worship. Gordon Cheung spoke about being like ants. Now it's a new year and many people make promises, make resolutions, set themselves high goals for the year. Some are achieved, but some also result in failure. In terms of our Christian walk, we should not strive to show God that we love Him, or show people who good a Christian we are by doing something spectacular or something amazing as a one off. It would be nice if these things happened, but these one-off things don't really show you are or what something means to you. The example that Gordon gave for this was that he loves his wife very much. And his wife knows that. However, he does not express his love to her through buying her a diamond ring, though she has hinted at it before. He expresses his love for her continuously / daily through cooking, cleaning up, other chores and also playing with their children. It should be the same way for our relationship with God. We shouldn't think we'll display our love for God through a single big act, but our daily actions and our daily lives should be reflective of how much He means to us. You geddit? Yeah. I did anyway and it's a point worth noting down. I think the same applies for not only spiritual life, but also in relationships and families as well. Like, one should not only display their love and affection for another person on Valentine's Day alone. What about the other 364 days? Why show you love them or that they are special to you on 14th Feb (do something grand like serenade them or take them on a quick holiday etc) and think that should be enough to last till the next year? Nah, this expression of love and affection should be continuous. Daily contact, listen to them, care for them, be there for them are the things that can be done continuously to let them know how much they mean to you. :)

Ling (aka Scallop) came back from HK on the 2nd of Jan. She brought back three keyrings for herself, Ming and I. So as you can see the three keyrings are for Ming, Ling and Wing. Hehe! They join together to form our siblinghood. =D Thanks, Scallop!!

Jackie's birthday dinner

After church a bunch of us went over to Jackie's house to have dinner and celebrate her forthcoming birthday, which is on Tuesday. We ordered Chinese and Indian takeaway from local places and played the Wii. Had a great laugh watching people play the games whilst grunting, screaming, heavily steering a steering wheel and throwing plungers. Lol! We still had lots of food leftover which her family couldn't help us finish. Took lots of pics and played with Jackie's dog Max(ine). =P More pics on Facebook!! We thank Jackie and her family for having us over and we wish you a great year ahead!! =D God bless!

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