12 January 2009


I am wearing a new shirt today. One of the two I bought at the Next Sale on Boxing Day. That was just over two weeks ago, but felt like much longer. After Christmas and New Year there hasn't been much to celebrate, especially since I went back to work as of 5th Jan. However, this weekend was grand! My weekend started from Friday as I took the day off. However, before I go into that, let me recall what happened on Thursday evening at the dinner with Marriott clients at the Grill at the Corner. Everything was on 50% off offer on the a la carte menu, besides the Kobe fillet and the lobster. Fortunately I had the Ostrich steak as back up. That wasn't great though. Let's not talk about the service and bad interpretation of set up of the menu (which resulted in lack of mash potatoes and honey-glazed carrots with my steak). There's something about eating birds. The meat tends to shrink when cooked. And the other steak orders all looked meat-ier and filling than my pitiful ostrich slice. I thought there were two slices but there was only one slice. The bottom half was dark and squigy and sweet. Caramelised onions. Too much caramelising I'm afraid. The sweetness and burnt-ness took away the taste of the meat unfort. At the end of it all, I was left unfulfilled and looking at the leftovers in other plates and questioning why some people would leave so much on their plate. What a waste! I'd happily swap my left out untouched splodge of caramelised onion for their meat or veg! Note to self - a free meal, don't complain too much. Another note to self - don't go for anything fancy in the future. Steaks are the way to go, man!

Friday 9th January
Important day for me this was. Woke up at 0830am, washed, had breakfast, then made my way up to Tesco for a quick car wash, then along to the Baillieston Test Centre. Yes, this was the day for my final attempt at ADI Part Two examination - Advanced Driving Test. Time of test was 1030hrs. I arrived at 1025hrs. The car park was busy, with few cars practicing on it. I reversed parked first time. Good start. Quick word of meditation to God and I went inside to wait for my examiner. Same guy as last few times!! Duncan!!! =D (No, I was not that excited to see him, but me and him do go waaaaay back! Telling me my brake light failed. Failing me for the motorway incident. Telling me my test was cancelled due to ice etc etc). After I signed the declaration we went outside for the eyesight test (no problem). Next was the Show Me/ Tell Me questions. One under the bonnet (engine oil), Four inside the car (indicator lights, handbrake, headrest on seat and tyres tread depth) The test began and funnily enough, I found myself quite enjoying it. I wasn't nervous one bit and even made small talk with the examiner just to ease the tension whilst waiting at the lights etc. Reminded myself to just think of him as a friend whom I'm giving a lift home, that he isn't marking my skills but just directing me left and right to his house. Praise God after 1hr and 10mins I reached the test centre and he told me pull up, turn engine off and relax. Then he asked for a minute for him to finish filling in the test report. Boy was that a long wait. For each scribble of his pen I imagined a mark or score of the faults he witnessed, or even a written explanation of why I failed. Then he said, "Gordon, I'm happy to tell you you have passed this time." I was like, "Yes!!" (and raised both fists up in joy) then muttered "Thank God" as he continued to say, "You did get one driving fault. Would you like to me to tell you what it was for?" I was all ears in listening to that one fault, because in my mind I thought I had scored a few. It was for Use of Speed, when I when around a corner after a low bridge just a bit too fast. Yes, I do remember that. That was one of the roads I have never practiced or driven on. In fact, throughout the test, there were numerous stretches of roads which I had never seen before, but praise God I managed to keep up my discipline and finally I have passed my second test and can move on to my third module - learning how to teach!! That is gonna be the fun part!

So after collecting my pass notes, I texted folk, called folk, drove home to shave and change. Met Mel for lunch, then went shopping for a birthday present, looked around town for Buzz! the TV quiz (special edition) but was disappointed. Had coffee in Costa and sat for a while before meeting Dilane and Roxane to go to Ming's birthday dinner at The Village, curry house.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MING!! Ma bro is a wee 22 years old.
Had a good laugh at dinner. Lots of curry and lots of naan bread. So much meat. I ended up being the only one eating whilst the waiters were clearing the table! Hahaha! We headed to Ming's place to watch some TV and then played a few disconnected games of Mafia. It doesn't quite run as smooth as playing it with the Singaporeans for some reason. We seemed to have lots of hiccups and stuff. Hmm... must look to improve it for the BBC's. I went home "early" as I had the gym the next day.

Saturday 10th January
Woke up at 1100hrs, arrived at the gym around 1245hrs and left at 1650hrs. Dunno how I ended up staying for so long. I guess it was cos I wanted to catch up on what I missed on Thusday. So I worked on biceps, triceps, forearms, as well well shoulders, legs and abs. Even did over 30mins of cardio before heading for the showers. Felt great though. Spent rest of the evening tidying and rearranging my PS3 and Home Theatre system. Managed to connect my PS3 to the dvd system so I have better sound when playing Pro Evolution Soccer and when watching any Blu-Rays. Went to bed before midnight.

One thing is for sure. Going through what I went through to get this pass in Advanced Driving. It really has reminded me how much God is in control. How great He really is! If you read back to how I sat the tests so many times. How I was disappointed with a small fail, a brake light, another fail, then icy conditions. Let down after let down. And even two nights before I sat the test, last Wed, I went out for drive practice, only it to be cut short because of heavy fog. I felt all was against me. But when God says you CAN, then you CAN! We as humans can use all our intelligence, all our skills to achieve the things we want. But if it ain't in God's time, it will not come to fruition. It will be in vain. But when God decides it is time, when He gives the go-ahead, it will happen, even if there is fog and lack of practice! Amen, people!! Hallelujah!

I just hope I can wait upon Him so diligently with regards my love life too.


  1. Hey G !!

    I am really happy for you !!!.
    Thanks for updating me through this blog lol
    i m doing fine and eating lots of chickens hahaha.

    see you in 4 weeks time!


  2. Thank you ~(_"_), glad you dropped by.

    Lots of chickens!! Niiice!! Making me hungry now! =D

    See you soon!