08 January 2009

Good relations

On lunch break at work right now so thought I'd catch up with filling in my diary.

Monday 5th Jan
Felt very tired after work. Went home for dinner and had hoped to go out for some drive practice, then come home to prepare Sunday School lesson and iron. In the end I had dinner, did ironing, played a bit of Pro Evo Soccer then went to bed. Slept for almost ten hours until the next day...

Tuesday 6th Jan
Felt great in the morning. Fully charged battery. Arrived at work earlier than usual. Work was fine. Not as taxing as Monday. Felt a little drained by 5pm. Then felt more awake after a telephone conversation on the way to the gym. Started a new workout regime: chest, backs forearms and abs on a Tuesday now. On the way home I popped by Konaki Greek restaurant to say Hi to Mel, Kenneth, XiaoLing, Dilane and Ling. Went home to have dinner and was really hungry! Praise God for lovely food and a lovely mum to cook it :)

Wednesday 7th Jan
Played Pro Evo Soccer till 1am the night before so felt quite tired in the morning. Thick fog arrived in the early morning and sat for a few hours until the afternoon. After work I had dinner at Costco before going for drive practice. Was welcomed by the fog in the Hamilton and Motherwell area. Couldn't see much ahead of me. Drove back to the Baillieston Test centre in East End, wasn't any better there. Felt it was a waste of time. Ran over some pot-holes too as I couldn't see much ahead. Came home hungry and frustrated. Had leftovers, bathed, prepared Sunday School lesson for next Sunday then played Pro Evolution Soccer till just before midnight.

Thursday 8th Jan (today)
Alarm was set for 0720hrs, but I silenced it and slept in till 0740hrs before getting up to wash my hair and shave and prepare today's lunch. May not have made so much effort if it weren't for some important people visiting out office today. Visiting my team in fact. We're gonna have dinner at 'the Grill on the Corner' (formerly Est Est Est) on Bothwell Street. Fortunately it will be paid through company expenses otherwise I would not be going as I can't afford to eat out so much this month until pay day. In any case, it ain't all about the money. Thursdays are gym nights for me. If I were to choose between gym or eating out I'd choose gym first. But hey, will show face tonight as it's good for relations etc. Can't go to the gym after dinner because gym still shuts at the earlier time of 2120hrs this week, returning to 2250hrs from next week. So I'll go home to sleep instead. Oh dammit... just remembered I don't have any spare change for parking on Bothwell Street between 5:30pm-6pm. Hmm... hopefully a colleague would have. I'm sure the parking machines don't take notes.

So right now I have to decide what to eat for dinner. I love steak and only found out this morning they serve Wagyu "Kobe" Fillet steak here. And Wagyu beef is the best steak in the world apparently. Orginally from the Japanese breed which is reared on a beer diet and massaged from birth. This is option one, at £50. Option two is Ostrich steak, naturally low in cholesterol with characteristics of beef fillet with a full flavour. £16.95 for that. Have never had Ostrich steak before, but then again how often do you come across the world's best steak?

Hmm... decisions, decisions!!

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