16 December 2008


I am currently at work. It was busy yesterday, but has been quiet so far in this first half hour.

I want to jot down my ideas for a new blog site where I will be keying down my thoughts and feelings, like a diary. Yes. I haven't used a diary since I was in high school I think. Later in college I used a planner and then when I was working the paper planner became electronic as I started using my phone to note down future events that needed my attendance or attention. And today, I want to go back to jotting down the happenings in the more advanced web-form!

There are many memories that we hope to store in life but which we forget. Occasions we wish we could easily store in our heads and replay as easily as double-clicking on an mpeg file on the laptop, or an mp3 file for those who said something nice to us. But unfortunately, the human brain can't store as much as we'd like, especially when we start ageing and begin to dement.

Nonetheless, this blog is for me to record down those things that matter to me. The things I don't want to forgot, or maybe do want to forget. The good times, the bad times and the impersonal stuff like world events and how I view them. More importantly, I want to talk about my journey with God. How each day I am challenged to be more like Jesus. How I feel I succeed or how I think I have failed.

The areas that I will blog about and 'label' as they call it on blogspot are:

Career - I will take you on my journey to becoming a driving instructor and beyond
Love - I might update you on the matters of my heart whilst looking for the one in my life
Property - I will advise on how I work and save hard towards getting a place of my own
Health - an update on how I am getting on in the gym, working out and shaping this temple of the Holy Spirit
Family - family life of the man of the house, living with two lovely women
Films - review any films that I watch
World events - may talk about any hot worldly topics e.g. credit crunch, terror attacks

Of course, within each of the above areas I will be noting down how I feel God is working on me through them. I feel I want to officially start this weblog on the 1st of January 2009 - you know, a new year, a new start etc, but it might just start before then.

Watch this space!

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