29 December 2008

Christmas Days

Has been a few days since I lost posted. In fact, it was Christmas Eve and I didn't get the chance to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! So I hope everyone had a blessed time at Christmas getting some good presents and spending quality time with your family or closest friends, celebrating the true meaning of Christmas which is Jesus coming to Earth as a baby. What a story! What a Man! :)

As usual the last four of holidays have gone by so quickly. And here I am back in the office at Desk 50. Typing up on my journal in the second half of my lunch break. The in-between-Christmas-and-New-Year time gives a weird feeling. We are at work, yet it does not feel as 'serious' as it usually does. You know certain work you do will not really be effective until after 5th January when everything returns to 'normal'. But you still have to work, whilst many other people are chilling out at home, watching crap daytime tv (haha!), playing games, at the carnival, checking out the sales etc. Work has been busy this morning, surprisingly. My counterpart, David, is off until 2nd Jan so I'll be dealing with most of the stuff myself for today, tomorrow and Wed. But fortunately I have taken annual leave on 2nd Jan so will have another long weekend! Yay!! Let's see if I remember what I've been up to in the days off.

Christmas Day: Got up around 0830hrs to put the turkey joint into the oven to cook and went back to bed. Got up again at 1030hrs Cat decorated the kitchen table with red tablecloth, wine glasses and fruit bowl and Christmas lights, and hung some baubles around the door ways etc. The Christmas feel started stirring, but unfortunately there was no snow this year. Booo... We took a family pic before having lunch, then I put on Mamma Mia! dvd for mum and Cat to watch whilst I washed up. I joined in with the ABBA fever after bringing in hot apple pie with custard for dessert. Mum really enjoyed 'Mamma Mia!' She said she thought about buying the dvd a few days ago, but didn't when the price in ASDA store was different from price ASDA advertised on TV. But Cat then borrowed it from Elaine in youth group as a surprise for mum, so that was amazing and we thank God for providing! :) After 'Mamma Mia!' I played a bit of PS3 and then went online. When it was close to dinner time we didn't feel like eating as we were so stuffed from lunch. So decided to have tea and biscuits whilst watching a Stephen Chow comedy called 'Love is Love'. The film was more of a drama than a comedy, telling of a couple's relationship as they had gone from being poor to being rich and the troubles that came along with it etc. My mind was constantly thinking of sleeping and also of watching 'Iron Man' on blu-ray which would have been the alternative. [So as of yet, I have not watched 'Iron Man' or '300' on blu-ray on my PS3. Anybody interested in watching with me? Hehe!] Went to bed at 2300hrs to prepare for the early rise for Boxing Day Sale!!!

Boxing Day: Woke up at 06:10hrs, had something to eat, met up with Charlotte Tai for the Next Boxing Day Sale. I parked at Buchanan Bus Station and walked to Next. This is our third consequetive year going for the sales at this early time. It has become a 'tradition' now. Though this year Alfred Tan was back in Singapore and Aaron Goh was still working his night shift, Charlotte and I had to go to keep the tradition going. We are hardcore bargain hunters. Lol! Went to Ming's new place to do some painting and cleaning. Then came home for dinner and watched TVB with mummy.

Saturday 27th December: Went out to Forge Shopping Centre then Glasgow Fort Shopping Centre to look for Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 but came back empty-handed. Went shopping with Ming for stuff for his new flat, then walked to town to Zavvi, Gamestation and HMV for Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 again, but found it at £29.97 the cheapest. Still £5 over my budget, so decided I'd get it online instead. Walked home. The journey from George Square to my house took 25mins the last time I walked it, in the summer I think. It took 30mins this time as my bag was much heavier and I didn't want to walk to fast cos I hate getting hot and sweaty after stepping inside. Had dinner, (Cat's roast beef, potatoes and Yorkshire pudding) then watched more TVB with mummy.

Sunday 28th December: Went to the gym and worked on shoulders, legs and abs. Felt very sluggish and slow this particular morning. Spent more time sitting and resting than actually doing anything. Squats really tired my legs out. Couldn't complete three sets of dumbbell lunges later. Had lunch in the gym carpark before going to Glasgow Chinese Christian Church for the 39th anniversary and baptism service. Caleb and Dilane were baptised from the English Ministry, amongst the 8 brothers and sisters. After the service I had some food before going to cinema to watch 'Yes Man'. 'Yes Man' was a bit better than the last Jim Carrey movie I saw, which was 'Fun with Dick and Jane'. That was dire. This one was a little funnier but wasn't great. Nothing that original about it and also had a sexual scene in it involving an elderly woman. Sigh... After the film I dropped a few folk off then headed home for dinner. Chatted on the phone for a while :) Had work the next morning (today), so could only watch one episode of TVB's 'Love Exchange' later before hitting the hay.

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