24 December 2008

Health plan

So I returned to the gym after a week's absence. I was sick last week you see. My 'annual illness' which I managed to avoid for the past 3-4 winters (praise God!) returned this year. Sore throat when swallowing, hoarse voice/ losing my voice, fever and ENT congestion. Despite fighting it and going to work on Thursday, I had to call in sick on Friday. The GP would always say it was "viral", that I "caught it from other people" and "it would clear after a few days". So I didn't make the extra call to book an appointment with him and stayed in stocking up in Vitamin C, drinking honey and lemon and praying and sleeping instead. I have fully recovered now. Thanks to those who prayed for me. :) Last night's news reported a 75% increase in the number of flu sufferers now compared to this time last year. Children and elderly are the weakest, so if you are not feeling too good, think twice before visiting your grandparents as you might end up giving them a present they really didn't want.

The gym was much quieter than the usual Tuesday evening. It was set to close much earlier as well. At 2120hrs rather than usual time of 2250hrs. I arrived at 1730hrs and was back in my car at 2050hrs. Had about 3-hours of hardcore workout to catch up with lost time from last week. Alfred Wong didn't come last night so I was working out myself.

Worked on middle chest, biceps, triceps, abdominals, lower back, upper chest, triceps, forearms, back to biceps, legs, lats, press ups and triceps again before retiring in for a shower. Arms felt like lead by the end of the night, and still do! But at least I know they have time to heal and grow in the next few days as I won't be back until Sunday when I will be working on shoulders and legs primarily. It feels good to be at the gym. My physique is something I take pride in. Not in a boastful way, but I am very happy with the progress I've made in the past year. I have come a long way compared to 2 years ago for example.

January will be a new year and a time for a new training schedule as well as fitness regime. I have new plans for the new year too, which goes something like this...

- Gym three days a week (same as now)
- No crisps (not had any since Pringles in HK in March!!)
- Less fatty foods, more meat
- No snacking outwith meal times
- In bed by midnight every night!!

The last one will probably be the hardest to stick to cos I always get tempted to stay up whilst on Facebook, eBay, or gaming. But yeah, need to exert self-control. Cos lack of sleep weakens the immune system and weakens your defence against virus and infections. And medical people reading this can correct me if I'm wrong. Also, sleep is the best time for the body to recover from the pounding of a workout. So if I want my muscles to grow healthily, I must sleep healthily. :)

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