22 September 2009

Busy busy!

So it is almost a week since I passed my driving instructor examination, and since then the days have gone by very quickly. There's so much to do between now and actually getting my tuition car.

Thursday 17th Sept
Went to the gym in the evening after texting and calling people with the good news. At the gym, Ravish and Jonathan said they would be interested in learning from me once I get started. Another guy, Scott, who is self-employed, gave me lots of tips about tax and self assessments and pros and cons of being a sole trader etc. Thank God for the extra support and information etc.

Friday 18th Sept
Back to work. Congratulations from work mates. Some asked me when I'll be handing in my notice. My answer - not yet. I will wait till I get my tuition car first, then hand in my four weeks notice. Will use the four weeks to build up my client base and business and see how it goes from there. Went to the gym in the evening.

Saturday 19th Sept
Went to town. Got four passport photos taken for £4! =O Needed them for my driving instructor license application. Bought shirts and trousers etc. May need them when teaching as I think AA wants all instructors in business casual attire. Not sure yet, will need to clarify with Ronnie next week. Franchise pack arrived from the AA, offering me a special rates as a newly qualified instructor. Can only apply after I receive my instructor license.

Sunday 20th Sept
Went church and badminton. Filled in my instructor license application form, attached two passport pictures with it and enclosed a cheque for £300!! Yes, the license itself costs SO much! =O Congratulations from people in church. Three more potential students today. Derek and Arthur, new people from Hong Kong. Margaret, also from Hong Kong whom is interested in taking lessons soon. This brings my potential number to ten. Praise God! =)

Monday 21st Sept
Back to work. Was glad David was back at work, helped me half my workload somewhat. Met with buddy Robert to train with him again. Gave him a briefing on what happened on my test date. We went through PST One, the test I had on the day. Came home then sorted out all my paper work. Shredded all my payslips from 2003. Kept current employer payslips and current year statements. Everything else had to go. I had to make way for future paperwork, publications and stuff I will receive once I start my franchise. Wanted to be in bed by 11pm. Failed! Lol!

Tuesday 22nd Sept
Second day of a four day week. Not much happened today. Lunch break was spent looking at my money and anticpating things I'll need to pay for in upcoming weeks. License fee, fee joining the Driving Instructor Association, getting public liability insurance, getting a new Sat Nav etc. Also looked around for a Sat Nav. Was going to get it from Halfords for £169.99, then discovered it was in fact £129.99 in Tesco! So rushed off to Tesco to buy it before going home for dinner. Tesco is doing double points right now, so I got 260 points for my one purchase AND I'll get to claim back the tax on the purchase as I claim it through business. :) Met with Robert for two hours. I drove as a pupil as he tried to teach and control me. I analysed what he did and gave him some tips too. He is hoping to book his test around mid to end of October.

Right now, I have just updated my current Sat Nav and will pack it up and get it ready for giving to Cat for FREE!! Yes, FREE!! Haha! I will now finish this blogpost then back up my laptop files into my Terabyte harddrive and then reformat my laptop so I can refresh it and have it running faster again as I install AA driving instructor stuff etc etc. Will want to get rid of the junk and keep it virus and bug free :)

Things yet to be done:

Keep all receipts for purchases
Reformat laptop + reinstall AA discs
Sort out bank accounts
Open business accounts
Join D.I.A.
Sort out PIN from Scottish Gateway
Read up on HMRC Self Employed info
Read up on Pass Plus
Read up on licensing laws (foreign / provisional / UK)
Learn test routes
Visit test centres

On a PLUS note, the instructor license application which I posted into the local post box on Monday morning was finally collected today! Looks like the unofficial mail strike has been lifted now :)


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